Lenten Devotional: March 7, 2022 | Mark 1:1-13

Monday: March 7, 2022 | Mark 1:1-13 

Mary Ellen Passione

The Wild Places

Jesus enters my wild places where paths are seldom straight.
We stumble down into dark and unfamiliar valleys
Then up the brittle switchbacks into brightness once again.

He steadies me beside the rushing torrent of my tears,
Guiding my steps over ancient shards of grief and regret
Until we reach the pleasant place of clear, untroubled waters.

He knew the weight of loneliness in His own wild places.
And the delicious temptation to bow beneath His pain,
The angels filled Hid grinding emptiness, and now He fills mine.

There is a beauty in the wild places–honest, stark, and rare
It leaves a make deep within me that aches with longing
For that other wild places beyond this world, safe within eternity.

Mary Ellen Passione has been attending Trinity Cathedral for 2 years. She has served as an Acolyte and will be attending docent and usher training in the future. Her hobbies include hiking, wood carving, drawing, fiber arts and reading.