Lenten Devotional: Saturday, March 5 | John 17:20-26

Saturday, March 5, 2022 | John 17:20-26

Tom Moore                                                                              

John 17 is Jesus’s farewell discourse. Jesus spoke these words after the Last Supper and immediately before his arrest. There is a lot going on. Jesus prays for himself and his disciples consistently through chapter 17.

Beginning at verse 20 Jesus prays for all of us! He prays not only for those who believed in him when he spoke these words, but also for all of us who would believe in him in the future. Even now in Lent 2022!

Verses 20 to 26 are known as “Jesus’s High Priestly Prayer” and the prayer for the church universal. After praying for himself and the disciples, Jesus broadens the scope of his prayers to all people. He prays that all people will reflect the unity that exists between the Father and himself. He prays for all who believe in him, both now and in the future. He asks that we all may be one.

Jesus then goes further. He asks the Father to share his Glory with us. And God does so by sharing his love for Jesus with all of us. God always has and always will.

We are reminded of this in our responses in the Prayers of the People (Form III):

That we all may be one”

“That your name may be glorified by all people”

Tom has been a life-long attendee of the Cathedral.  He is a lector and a member of the Cathedral Chapter.