Lenten Devotional: March 22 | Mark 6:1-13

Tuesday, March 22 | Mark 6: 1-13

Joe Macklin 

Following God’s call can sometimes be a lonely journey. Jesus came from Nazareth, which was likely a small, close-knit community bound together by a common faith. His neighbors and fellow townspeople probably considered him to be just another regular kid down the block. Of course, Jesus was set aside to proclaim the coming of God’s kingdom and to assure us of our redemption through him. This Jesus must have been a sight to his fellow Nazarenes, who could hardly see Jesus as a teacher of the faith, much less the foretold Messiah who would bring deliverance to the people of Israel, demonstrating just how shortsighted we can be when the best things of God are right in front of us.

The Gospel is countercultural. Sometimes we’re called to set aside our attachments, perhaps even our closest bonds or greatest comforts, when what God calls us to do in the world must take priority. We may even have to leave behind the tools we have at our disposal in order to make room for God’s guidance and wisdom. Because of the examples that Jesus set for us in his ministry, and because of the promises he made to his disciples before his death, resurrection, and ascension, we can rest assured that we go into the world with God’s blessing, despite what the world might think or understand.

Joe Macklin started attending Trinity Cathedral in 2019. He serves as an acolyte during worship services and as secretary of Cathedral Chapter. He enjoys trying new recipes and traveling.