Lenten Devotional: Friday, March 4 | John 17: 9-19

Friday: March 4, 2022 | John 17:9-19

Joe Macklin

It’s truly remarkable how God seemingly goes out of his way to provide for his children. Over the course of this pandemic, I’ve gone through seasons of waxing and waning faith, and I’ve noticed that when I feel furthest from God, he’s usually right around the corner, waiting to assure me of his presence and love. Indeed, God knows each of us intimately and loves us so infinitely that he gave his only-begotten Son so that we might have a chance at knowing eternal life. Oh, what a friend we have in Jesus, who came to us to save the world and to liberate us from the captivity of sin and death.

Throughout his ministry, and especially immediately before his Passion, Jesus spent a significant amount of time preparing his closest followers for the day when he would no longer be among them. I can’t imagine what kind of fear must have gripped the disciples when Jesus told them that his time had come. Instead of comforting them with back pats and empty words, however, he prays for them and the fledgling church, asking his Father to love and guide them as he did, thereby assuring his disciples (and us) of God’s constant care and protection, even in the most trying of circumstances.

Joe Macklin started attending Trinity Cathedral in 2019. He serves as an acolyte during our worship services and as secretary of Cathedral Chapter. He enjoys trying new recipes and traveling.