Lenten Devotional: April 4 | Mark 9:30-41

Monday, April 4, 2022 | Mark 9:30-41

Tom Moore

In the passages just before today’s reading Jesus does amazing things. He goes to the top of a mountain, where, in front of Peter, James, and John he is transfigured. His clothes are turned to the whitest white. He converses with Moses and Elijah. On the way back down the mountain. he casts a demonic spirit out of a young boy through prayer. The disciples question what all of this means.

Jesus wants to tell his disciples what will happen in the coming days. As Jesus and his disciples travel from the mountain through Galilee, he tells them that he will be betrayed, killed, and after three days will rise from the dead. But the disciples do not understand. They have other things on their mind. The disciples remain silent.

So, Jesus decides to ask the disciples what they are thinking about and talking about. The disciples remain silent again. Finally, they tell Jesus that they have been discussing who is first among them. Jesus tells them that the first must be willing to be the last and to be a servant to all.

Jesus is telling his disciples that they must be humble. They must have servant’s hearts. They must be willing to serve the small and the helpless. 

Once again the disciples have a question. They saw a man casting out demons in Jesus’ name. They ask if they should stop him. Jesus says no, don’t stop him.  Anyone who is not against us is for us.

Mark 9 confronts Jesus’ disciples with riddle after riddle. In the end, the answers are to rely on prayer and to leave the rest to God.

Tom Moore has been a life-long attendee of the Cathedral.  He is a lector and a member of the Cathedral Chapter.