Our Updated and Continued Response to Covid-19

Dear Friends of the Cathedral,

Greetings in the name of Christ. This has been a difficult and stressful time for everyone. Please know that you’ve been in my prayers over the last week and even though everything seems chaotic, our God remains in control.  Even as we are physically apart from one another, our Lord remains near.  He is present with each with us, giving us grace to handle these difficult times. Please remember to be gracious to yourself and patient your neighbor we all learn to negotiate this challenging situation.

Know that your safety is our primary concern. To that end, Bishop McConnell has suspended all public worship in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.  This will remain in effect through Holy Week and Easter.

At Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, we will be implementing the Bishop’s guidelines as follows:

1. Until further notice, all services of public worship will be streamed online.  We will not be physically gathering together at the Cathedral. If you are able, I strongly encourage you to participate in worship via the web.  You can view the services at  https://www.facebook.com/trinitycathedralpgh on Sunday mornings at 10:30am. They will also be archived and available for viewing at http://www.trinitycathedralpgh.org/video/.

2.  Until further notice, all educational offerings and public meetings held at the Cathedral building are canceled or will be rescheduled.  If you are involved in meetings held at the Cathedral, please watch for updates on our church website.  Unless your meeting can occur over the teleconference or videoconference, it is likely canceled.

3.  The Cathedral is not closed.  Our ministry to the city will continue.  Our ministry to you will continue.  If you need any help, please contact the church.  If you need someone to go shopping for you, call the church.  If you need someone to pray with you, call the church.  If you just want to talk, call the church. You can always reach me on my cell at (412)765-9889 or by email at asmith@trinitycathedralpgh.org.

4. If I have your contact number or email address, I will be reaching out to you in the near future.  I just want to check in to see how you are doing.  If you are relatively new to the church, I might not have your contact information. Please email this information to me, if you think I might not have it.  My email address is asmith@trinitycathedralpgh.org.

5.  Our expenses will continue at the Cathedral. While everyone will be under a financial crunch in the coming weeks, please consider continuing to financially support the ministry of your church.  We are in the process of setting up an online giving portal to assist in giving, but until then please mail checks to:

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, 325 Oliver Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Let’s continue to pray as we discern how God is calling us to be the Church in the days, weeks, and months ahead. We must never forget that Jesus is with us. He will not leave us.  He will not abandon us.  Rather, he will guide us as we follow him.