David Schaap, Organist/Choirmaster

David Schaap was appointed organist/choirmaster at Trinity Cathedral in August, 2003 and also is president and founder of Selah Publishing Co. (publisher of liturgical music for the church), which moved its offices to Pittsburgh in July of 2003. His undergraduate studies were at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich., with a double major in music (composition and arranging) and art (sculpture). David has led workshops, hymn festivals, and reading sessions for national meetings of The Hymn Society, the American Guild of Organists, the Association of Anglican Musicians, the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians, the Presbyterian Association of Musicians, and National Association of Pastoral Musicians, as well as for many regional events.

From our Organist and Choirmaster, David Schaap

The Psalmist gives us the injunction to “Sing to the Lord a new song” and we take that seriously in the Trinity Cathedral Choir. Our choir will be singing over 30 anthems between now and Christmas and while many will be new to those in the choir and pews, they span the last 500 years of Christian worship, in many different musical styles, and by composers from all major periods of composition. There will be spirituals, pieces from the Tudor and Baroque periods, as well as anthems written as recently as 2007. The choir will sing anthems in Latin, French, Russian and Africaan (although most are in English), and by composers deeply connected to Anglican worship, as well as those from other Christian faiths.

Through the anthems, our choir is singing them as an offering to God on the congregation’s behalf, so that we may all come closer to God. John Calvin wrote that “In truth we know by experience that song has great force and vigor to move and inflame the hearts of people to invoke and praise God in a more vehement and ardent zeal”.

Please contact me (412-232-6404 x124) if you are interested in helping to “move and inflame the hearts” of our congregation.

Choral Music

Trinity Cathedral has a long tradition of fine choral music. For many years a choir of men and boys provided music for worship. In the early 1970s, the boys choir was disbanded and replaced by a professional mixed chorus. Because of funding cuts, a volunteer choir was instituted in the fall of 2002. In January 2004, Trinity Cathedral’s chapter approved the funding of our Choral Scholars, singers under the age of 28, and preferably students in graduate or undergraduate music programs. This was done to form a core of singers for Trinity’s choir and also to encourage the next generation of church musicians.