Lenten Devotional: March 29 | Mark 8:1-10

Tuesday, March 29, 2022 | Mark 8: 1-10 

Hunter Ficke

Mark Chapter 8 opens with Jesus showing compassion for the large number of persons listening to his teaching and wanting to ensure they have enough food to return home.  His disciples, however, cannot see how it is possible to obtain enough food in that remote place. Jesus responds by taking the few loaves of bread and fish and feeding everyone until they are satisfied. Jesus does not accept the view of scarcity that the disciples have shared, but instead believes that the resources will be provided.

A number of years ago when my younger daughter was a senior in high school, she shared that a classmate would not be going to college because she did not have the money to pay the tuition.  At the time, I already had one daughter in college and my other daughter was starting the next year.  I wanted to help my daughter’s classmate, but was not sure I could handle it. After thinking about it, however, I believed that I would figure it out and offered to pay the classmate’s 4 years of tuition. She did very well in school, graduated and became an excellent teacher. 

That experience taught me that needs do not always arrive at convenient times, but acting based on a belief that the resources will become available can lead to good outcomes.

Hunter Ficke has attended Trinity Cathedral for about 5 years, and volunteers with the Walk-in Food Pantry ministry, is a member of the Cathedral Chapter and serves on the Building and Grounds Committee.