Lenten Devotional: March 10 | Mark 2:1-12

Thursday,  March 10, 2022 | Mark 2:1-12

Peg Calder

In Mark 2:5 Jesus says “Son, your sins are forgiven.” This was said to the paralytic who had been lowered from the roof to be healed.

What thoughts and actions need forgiveness?

If I lose my balance and break my lamp it does not require forgiveness. If I am angry and break a lamp that someone values then I am hurting that person. It’s the hurt to the person that requires forgiveness.

We are taught things that are “bad” that do not necessarily require forgiveness.

If I, as a child, play outside and get my good clothes dirty, it MAY cause hurt to whoever dressed me and who has to clean it.

As an adult, last year I was chastised by a passerby in the park because I had walked in the grass vs the paved walkway and had gotten my slacks muddy. I hurt no one. It was not bad.

The words and actions that DO require forgiveness are those that hurt others or dishonor the Lord.

It is our treatment of our fellow man and reverence of God that are important.

I recently felt that asking for forgiveness meant erasing the hurtful words or actions, even though unintentional or slight. But I had done or said it. It did cause pain. How can I have my heart lightened? 

Then I saw a phrase that opened my eyes. I am being forgiven for not being perfect. Only Jesus is perfect. How could I not see this? I now accept forgiveness.

Peg Calder has attended Trinity Cathedral for almost one year and is currently learning how to play the harp as a hobby.