Christmas Services at the Cathedral

Saturday, December 24: Christmas Eve  Holy Eucharist Service at 5:00 pm Christmas Eve Music and Carols at 10:00 pm Christmas Eve Festival Eucharist Service at 10:30 pm Sunday, December 25: Christmas Day Holy Eucharist Service at …

Lenten Devotional: Good Friday | John 18:1-19:42

The violence of our world had taken its toll on him. What the Roman whip and crown of thorns hadn’t taken out of him, the pain of betrayal and the sting of rejection certainly had.  Jesus’ body had once been able to hew boards from trees. No longer. Now, he’s unable to bear the weight of the cross as he stumbles up the hill on his way to Golgotha, the “place of the skull.” 

Lenten Devotional: Maundy Thursday | Mark 14:12-25

The disciples don’t know it, but everything is about to change. After years of being with Jesus, they don’t realize that this meal will come to be known as their “Last.” Once supper is over, once the table is cleared, they will all abandon their Lord. Everything will change.

Lenten Devotional: Holy Wednesday | Mark 12:1-11

In many of Jesus’ parables, there is some kind of “happy ending.” Some parables end with a miraculous harvest, an unexpected family reunion, or a feast that only welcomes unlikely guests. As we read through today’s parable, we hope for a happy ending, but no. It gets dark, really dark.

Lenten Devotional: Holy Tuesday | Mark 11: 27-33

Here Jerusalem’s religious leaders directly ask Jesus “by what authority” he’s doing the things he’s been doing. What gives him the right to act like a king (Triumphal Entry)? Who has licensed him to act as a spiritual leader (healing, teaching, symbolically cleansing the Temple)? Why does Jesus think he can challenge them?